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Important points related to Admission in MBBS in China 2019

Note 1: Jilin, Wuhan, Yangzhou, Kunming and Xiamen  will conduct Interview over Skype / Phone / Whatsapp or Wechat Video. Students must have smart  phone and proper net access to make or receive video calls on Internet. Students who can not speak in English, must not apply for the above 5 universities. Unsuccessful candidates will get full refund of their Application fees if they are not selected.

China Three Gorges University will take interview in India, face to face. Students will have to do their own travel arrangements. Last year this interview was taken in New Delhi.

Note 2: After the University issues Acceptance / Offer / Pre-Admission / Admission Letter (whichever earlier), students will pay / transfer balance payment in India to our account and 1st years University Fees directly to University Bank account as instructed by the said University. Only after that University will issue necessary papers for Visa process. If any delay in payment, then University may cancel admission and all money already paid will not be refunded. The student will not be able to re-apply in that particular University ever.

Note 3: Some Universities like China Medical University, China Three Gorges University and Yangzhou University will issue Admission Letters mentioning "MBBS IN ENGLISH" or MBBS IN CHINESE" or "MBBS IN BILINGUAL"... But all students will do classes at the same time and in English Medium only. They will get the same Degree like students in other Universities. So when you will apply for these 3 Universities, it is considered that you are well aware of these facts.

Note 4: A written exam for English Proficiency will be taken by Wenzhou Medical University after reaching China. Students failing the exam will not be allowed by University to do the Registration and will be sent back. It is a 70 mins Objective test mainly to check the Grammatical and comprehension  skill of the student. So we will take only those students who are from English medium background all through his / her studies. Students of this university, who will fail in the English Test,  will get refund of University Tuition and Hostel Fees. However, if any student fails and are sent back by the University, we will not refund any fees that are taken in India.


Note 5: Issue of Acceptance Letter / Offer / Pre-Admission Letter usually starts from July onwards. So kindly have patience for this. Please do not call us or msg us on regular interval asking for the letters till that time has come. We have taken your application means your admission is guaranteed in that particular university depending on the Eligibility criteria.


Note 6: Students who will not qualify NEET 2019 and hence considered Not - Eligible for MCI / NMC will get back full refund of the Application amount paid to our account, EXCEPT Zhejiang University. However if any money has been paid direct to University Bank account by the student can not be refunded in such cases. 


Note 7: If students do Internship in China, then students will have to pay 1 year Tuition and Hostel fees to the University. Internship done in India is free. 

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